Education is a stepping stone to progress. Having no education gives the opposite results. Providing education is considered Yagnam. In present times, education has become commercial. It is not available to common man. Many students having merit, talent, and enthusiasm are not able to get education because they are not in a position to afford it. Helping such students by paying fees, buying books, uniforms, etc., is the main aim of Akshara Siddhi. A number of students have already been benefited. As part of Akshara Siddhi, YVK plans to send volunteers to schools as part time teachers where there is a shortage of teachers. Going to villages and creating awareness about education and health is also another program planned.

Latest News
  • KPHB: Level 2 Hatha yoga class starts from July 3rd to July 23rd. Registrations started.
  • KPHB: Level 1 Ashtanga yoga class starts from July 24th to August 13th. Registrations started.
  • International Yoga Day 2017

    Yoga Vignana Kendra celebrates International Day of Yoga 2017.

  • Asthanga Yoga - Level 1

    A signature 21 days Ashtanga Yoga classes which focuses develops a vision for doing things in a more mature, meticulous, effective and sophisticated way. Next Batch: KPHB (July 24th to August 13th)

  • Hatha Yoga - Level 2

    A signature 21 days Hatha Yoga classes which imparts pancha bhutha mudras which clean and balance the five elements within the body and pancha prana mudras which energize the pranic body. Next Batch: KPHB (July 3rd to July 23rd)