Anna Siddhi

Food for the needy is considered as foremost of all Dharmas. Towards this end, Yoga Vignana Kendra has designed Annasiddhi project. With the cooperation and participation of volunteers, Guruji has been successfully running this project. As part of Annasiddhi, there are several programs: Nitya Annaprasadam, Mobile Annaratham and Annapatra.

Nitya Annaprasadam

Food which is offered to Sri Annapurneswari is distributed to people who are hungry. This program is funded organized by volunteers at YVK.

Sanchara Annaratha

With the motto of food to the hungry, a Mobile Annaratha (Van) goes to Hospitals, Schools, Old Age Homes and to the people affected by natural disasters. This programme started on the Ugadi day of 2013 is successfully run by YVK volunteers.


Through this program, every household, before cooking food, must take a fistful of rice and put it in Annapatra (a container) chanting Annapurna Mantra for the welfare of the universe. The rice thus collected for 40 days has to be offered to Sri Annapurneswari or has to be cooked and distributed to the hungry.

Eventhough thousands of people are offered Annaprasada, care is taken that there is no wastage at all. This is the specialty of YVK.

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