• Level 1 Ashtanga yoga class starts from June 5th to 25th, 5.00to 7.30am.
  • Level 1 Ashtanga yoga class starts from April 3rd to23rd 5.00 to 7.30am at kachiguda vysya hostel.Rigistrations are open.contact no: 9848833408.
  • Level 1 Ashtanga yoga class starts from April 3rd to23rd 5.00 to 7.30am at kachiguda vysya hostel.Rigistrations are open.contact no: 9848833408.
  •  Summer camp for children(Residential) starts from May 1st  to May 21st (22 days) Registrations starts from March 1st. eligibility: children from 1st class to 9th class
  • Temple Timings: Daily Temple opens 6am to 11am.   5.30pm to 7.30pm  , on Friday extented to morning up to 12pm & evening up to 8pm.
  • మాతా యోగ అన్నపూర్ణేశ్వరి దేవాలయ దర్శన సమయం ప్రతిరోజూ ఉదయం 6గం. నుండి 11గం వరకు, సాయంత్రం 5.30 నుండి 7.30గం వరకు.
  • Level 1 Ashtanga yoga class starts from March 3rd to 23rd, 5.00 to7.30am. registrations are open
  • Level 2 Hata yoga class( only for ladies )starts from March 3rd to 23rd.,9.00 to 11.30am registrations are open.
  • *Level 1: Astanga yoga : Starts from October 17th to November 6th. 5.00 am to 7.30 am.
  • Dasara celebrations starts from 1st October to 11th October.Pooja  timings 6.00 to 8.30 am & 5. 00 to 8.00 pm.All are invited .
  • Batukamma celebration on 2nd evening 5.00to 8.00.
  • Spoken Sanskrit class for children batch 2 starts November 6th only on Sundays 8.00- 10.00am
  • Level1starts from September 12th to 2nd October.registrations started.
  • Beejasamskar class for couples who are seeking for Jai Gurudev, Beejasamskar classes starts from 4th Sep, sundays only , A programme  for couples.
  • Who are seeking healthy & intelligent children. Registrations started.
  • “Spoken Sanskrit ” classes started … for registration contact YVK Centre
  • Level 1: (Ashthanga yoga ) starts from August 1st to 21st (21 days) 5:00am to 7:30am, Registrations started.
  • Raw food Awareness and Preparation workshop September 10th & 11th (2days) 9.00am to 5.00pm, Registrations started.
  • Level 3: Rajayoga  (AMC course) November 7th to 28th (21 days)
  • Level:1 Astanga yoga :  Ladies Batch starts from December 1st to 21st time:9 to 12 pm.
  • Raw food food preparation and training program August 27th and 28th(two days) 9.00 a.m to 5.00  p.m. registrations started.
  •  YOGA DAY Guruji Jagan ji Special Interview on ‪#‎YOGADAY in Andhra Prabha
  •    Level-1 starts from June 15th to July 5th
  •    Level-2 HathaYoga starts from  july 11th  to July 31st (Rigistrations are going on)
  •  Level-1 starts from August1st to 21st Rigistration starts from June 20th
  •   Mandala Yoga Sadhana starts from August 22nd to September 30th(40 days) Rigisrtations starts from July1st
  •   Summer camp 2016 : from may 2nd to 22 nd may.
  •    click here for Brochure of “Children’s Yoga Shibhiram 2016”
  •    Level 1 : 3rd April 2016 to 23rd april2016
  •   Mandala yoga sadana : 22nd march 2016 to 30 th april2016
  •   Annapurneswari Utsavas closing ceremony on 1st Jan., 6PM.
  •   Annapurneswari Utsavas starting ceremonial function on 19th Dec., afternoon.
  •   Annapurneswari Abhishekam on 23rd Dec. from 9AM onwards.
  •    Come and participate in the event of Annapurneswari Uregimpu Ceremony on 27th Dec., 6PM.
  •    Couples Registrations started for all Annaprneswari Utsava’s Poojas.
  •    Level-1 starts from 25th January to 14th February. Timings: 5:00 AM to 7:30 AM. Reg starts from 2nd Jan.
  •   Beeja Samskar course starts from Jan 31st for those couples who are seeking for great children.starts from 2nd Jan.
  •  Level – 2 (Hatha Yoga) Course starts from September 23rd to October 13th.
  •  Level – 3 (Raja Yoga) Starts from October 30th to Nov 22nd.
  •  Level – 1 Ashtanga yoga starts from Nov 30 to dec 20 Timings : 5am- 7:30 am (ladies and gents) , 9am to 12pm (only ladies)
  •   Navaratri Dasara celebrations starts from October 13th to October 22nd.
  •  Annapurneswari Utsavas starts from 23rd December to 27th December.
  • Beeja Samskar (Level – 1) Course starts on 26th September.  for Details Please Call +919441887766.
Latest News
  • Asthanga Yoga - Level 1

    A signature 21 days Ashtanga Yoga classes which focuses develops a vision for doing things in a more mature, meticulous, effective and sophisticated way.

  • Hatha Yoga - Level 2

    A signature 21 days Hatha Yoga classes which imparts pancha bhutha mudras which clean and balance the five elements within the body and pancha prana mudras which energize the pranic body.

  • Raja Yoga - Level 3

    Advanced course meant for those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Raja yoga includes several advanced asanas, mudras, kriyas, Pranayamas, and meditations that could help reach the ultimate goal of life: self- realization.