Food is vital to life. It gives us strength and helps in maintaining proper health. It also helps in preventing a lot of diseases. Limited food will act as a medicine. All these results can be felt when appropriate food is taken in right quantity. The food a person takes influences his actions and the way he behaves, and decides his life style. If all these three aspects are proper, his journey of life will also be proper. Coming to the present scenario, the society is becoming more and more interested in Yoga. Yoga practice is connected to food. Practicing Yoga without changing food habits will not fetch anything. If at all it gives good results, they will be temporary. These days, people are interested in Yoga but not ready to follow food habits.

Our thoughts, our longevity, body shape, and a lot of other things depend on food. According to Vedas, one-sixth of the food we take will become our mind. So, our mind will act in accordance with the food we take. Bhagawat Geeta describes food to be of three kinds. They are: Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.

Satvic food

Foods which increase life, purity, strength, health, joy and cheerfulness, gives pleasantness to the mind, keeps you away from hunger for a long time and gives happiness is classified as Satvic. Vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, sprouts etc., come under this category.

Rajasic food

Food which is bitter, too sour, saline, spicy, excessively hot, pungent, dry and burning, increases thirst, harm the mind and body, increases anger and desires, causes unstable mind, and makes us prone to diseases is Rajasic. Steaming hot coffee, tea, fast foods, pickles, etc. come under this category.

Tamasic food

Food which is stale, tasteless, putrid, rotten, impure, does not give any strength, makes you lazy, lethargic, cooked in bad surroundings, cooked and stored for a long time, causes dormant mind, frozen, made through fermentation process, makes people drowsy is considered Tamasic. Bakery foods, meat, etc, come under this category.

The present day society is mainly eating Rajasic and Tamasic food. People are giving importance to taste without considering the negative effects of eating inappropriate food. Food which would work like a medicine if taken in limited quantity will turn into poison because of over eating. Most of the diseases can be controlled by taking proper food.

To serve the food needs of health-hungry people, Guruji has made Amruthaharam available at Yoga Vignana Kendra. Please contact the center for details on pickup / home delivery of Amruthaharam.


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