Guruji not only tells about the importance of raw food but also conducts two-day workshops for preparing raw food. There is a wrong notion that raw food is not tasty and is tedious to prepare. But in fact raw food can be prepared easily and at the same time can be made more tasty. In raw food training classes, about sixty types of vegetable and fruit juices, salads, uncooked Laddus, Halwas, and a host of other items with sprouts and dry fruits are made and training is imparted.

In addition to these, training in preparing cooked foods like soups, and number of items with millets, roties with multigrain flour and many more dishes is given. These workshops are conducted once or twice in a year.

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  • Hatha Yoga (General Batch) - Level 2

    A signature 21 days Hatha Yoga classes which imparts pancha bhutha mudras which clean and balance the five elements within the body and pancha prana mudras which energize the pranic body.

  • Asthanga Yoga (Ladies Batch) - Level 1

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