Classes at schools and colleges

Yoga classes in schools and colleges are held by Guruji. In the present education system, because of competition, long hours of study and stress have become inevitable. Some students who could not cope up with such stress are falling prey to Depression, Hysteria and ultimately losing their career and life. For all these problems, the solution lies in Yoga. Moreover, Yoga helps in increasing concentration, memory, and retention capacities. In view of all these, on the request of educational institutes like Narayana College, Vikas Concept School, etc., Guruji has taken up yoga classes there.

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Latest News
  • Asthanga Yoga - Level 1

    A signature 21 days Ashtanga Yoga classes which focuses develops a vision for doing things in a more mature, meticulous, effective and sophisticated way.

  • Hatha Yoga - Level 2

    A signature 21 days Hatha Yoga classes which imparts pancha bhutha mudras which clean and balance the five elements within the body and pancha prana mudras which energize the pranic body.

  • Raja Yoga - Level 3

    Advanced course meant for those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Raja yoga includes several advanced asanas, mudras, kriyas, Pranayamas, and meditations that could help reach the ultimate goal of life: self- realization.