Mandala Yoga Deeksha

People who completed Level 1 course are eligible for Mandala Yoga Deeksha. Dress code: White and White is mandatory. Mandala refers to 40 days, and according to the ancient Indian wisdom, Mandala Deeksha can bring permanent positive changes to one’s life.

Announced by Sri Jagan Guruji on the International Day of Yoga, this course focuses on rigorous Yoga Sadhana and Satvic Food under the personal supervision of Guruji for 40 days.

Designed to achieve wholesome health, the Mandala Yoga Deeksha course could help your body get into shape, your mind become clear and stress-free, and your soul get closer to Supreme Soul.

This is a rare life-changing opportunity to make Yoga practice an integral part of your daily life, for the rest of your life!

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