( Pregnant Training)
An Ancient Science of enlightenment for parents in parenting
Motherhood is a boon.Every living being in this Universe is endowed with this. But being born as a human being is considered to be rare and hard to get (“Janmaanaam Nara Janma Durlabham” – Sri AdiSankaracharya). To give birth to a baby who would transform into a good human being, certain Samskaras (traditional processes) are prescribed in our culture. The essence of those processes is designed as a course by Guruji. That is Matrutva Samskar (Pregnant Training).

The Matrutva Samskar comprises basically of 3 levels

1.    Level 1 Beeja Samskar     (Before Conception)
2.    Level 2 Garbha Samskar   (During Pregnancy)
3.    Level 3 Sishu Samskar     (After Delivery)


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