Offering is the fundamental law of the Universe. In this creation, unless you give something, you are not eligible to get anything.Even if you want to inhale, first you have to exhale. This means,if you don’t want to give, there is no life at all. When you visit temples, you see a lot of beggars outside but don’t like to offer them anything. After going inside, you ask God like a beggar for this and that! How can God give anything toyou if you don’t offer anything to anyone? So everyone must cultivate the habit of giving.


Guruji conductsfree counseling for better health and family relationships. The remedies suggested include medicine,(herbal and ayurvedic),yoga exercises, etc. Some problems could be solved by merely changing the food habits.  Bringing a positive change in children’s behavior is also taken up.Guruji’s counseling has been giving miraculous results for chronic diseases and benefiting lots of people.

3. Tips and Treaments

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  • Asthanga Yoga - Level 1

    A signature 21 days Ashtanga Yoga classes which focuses develops a vision for doing things in a more mature, meticulous, effective and sophisticated way.

  • Hatha Yoga - Level 2

    A signature 21 days Hatha Yoga classes which imparts pancha bhutha mudras which clean and balance the five elements within the body and pancha prana mudras which energize the pranic body.

  • Raja Yoga - Level 3

    Advanced course meant for those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Raja yoga includes several advanced asanas, mudras, kriyas, Pranayamas, and meditations that could help reach the ultimate goal of life: self- realization.